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SBINZ (Snowboard Instruction New Zealand) has 4 levels of certification, at Rookies, we offer snowboard instructor training courses to help you achieve your Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 certifications.

  • I had an absolute great time with the Rookie academy! Everyone is so friendly and they really do go above and beyond to make sure you have an enjoyable experience. The accommodation provided was very nice. I really liked the location of everything as it was very easy to get around. I would recommend anyone looking to study to become an instructor to study with Rookies!

    Luke McAdams – 11 Week Snowboard
  • Be you a Boarder or a Skier the Rookie Academy has the greatest success rate in New Zealand. This fact will resonate massively when you turn up for your exams as the candidates from other academy’s always commented on how prepared we are. This fact on exam day is a phenomenal confidence booster and will justify your choice in an instant. The Snow-sports industry is unlike any other. I have experienced many roles and employment opportunities come via the links that you build through your training. Keep this in mind as the Rookies tend to know everyone and are always keen to assist.

    Graham Reed – 11 week Snowboard

SBINZ Level 1

Snowboard Instructors qualified at this level can teach up to making first turns on beginner terrain and entry-level freestyle.

SBINZ Level 2

Snowboard Instructors qualified at this level can teach carving on intermediate terrain, intermediate freestyle and an introduction to off-piste riding.

SBINZ Level 3

This Certification is aimed at working snowboard instructors wanting to progress to teaching students in all-mountain and other advanced riding situations

11 Weeks – SBINZ Level 1 and 2 Exams

Our longest SBINZ snowboard instructor course is the perfect way to start your instructing career.

START: 6th July 2019
END: 21st September 2019
TRAINING: 200+ hours of on-snow training
ABILITY: Basic-intermediate or above
PRICE: $16,800

The extended 11-week snowboard instructor course gives you more time to cement the learning you do on snow, hone your own riding and teaching skills and prepare for the examination while giving you more time to enjoy the surroundings and the experience.

8 Weeks – SBINZ Level 1 and 2 Exams

It’s intensive and demanding, but you’ll be ready to teach snowboarding the day you complete the course.

START: 28th July 2019
END: 21st September 2019
TRAINING: 160+ hours of on-snow training
ABILITY: A Strong intermediate or above level rider
PRICE: $14,700

Are you a strong rider? Short of time? This 8 week snowboard instructor course is for you.

6 Weeks – SBINZ Level 2 Exam

You already have a level 1 and you’re ready for the next step…

START: 10th August 2019
END: 21st September 2019
TRAINING: 120+ hours of on-snow training
ABILITY: level 1 qualified instructor
PRICE: $11,500

This 6 week snowboard instructor course is designed for strong riders who want to progress beyond their level one qualification.

3 Weeks – SBINZ Level 1 Exam

Looking for an introduction to the ski & snowboard industry before making a larger commitment? Or short on time?

START: 6th July 2019
END: 27th July 2019

START: 27th July 2019
END: 17th August 2019

TRAINING: 60+ hours of on-snow training
ABILITY: Basic intermediate or above
PRICE: $6,500

This 3-week course gives you a taste of what is on offer as an instructor.

11 Weeks – SBINZ Level 3

This snowboard instructor course is available to advanced riders with a current Level 2 Certification

START: 6th July 2018
END: 21st September 2018
TRAINING: 120+ hours of on-snow training
ABILITY: level 2 qualified instructor
PRICE: $13,500

This snowboard instructor course includes 4 weeks of training and the SBINZ pre-course, the training is spread over the 11-week course to allow time for you to own the changes you are making, this also allows time to shadow our Level 1 and 2 groups to develop your Analysis and Lesson Planning skills.

The SBINZ Level 3 exam is optional and is not included in the price


to and from the Treble Cone ski area available 7 days a week

session of your riding

for the duration of your course

with our international trainers

for the duration of your course


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