Get your Coaching Fix with Rookies

It’s pretty tough going out there if you are a bit of a skiing or snowboarding addict…with not much to do other than watch it on a screen.

So it seemed like a perfect opportunity for us to partner up with Sprongo and get into some On-line Video Analysis.

All of our coaches are onboard and ready and waiting for you to send us a video of your skiing or riding and we will get back to you with a detailed Analysis of your performance as well as a plan for development.

Best of all until the 1st June we are doing this for FREE.

To help us give you the most accurate Analysis we can please include some details to back up the video, such as:

  • Did you have a particular focus or goal you were trying to achieve?
  • How close do you think you were to achieving it?
  • Were you skiing on a Green, Blue, Red or Black run?
  • What were the snow conditions like?
  • What equipment are you using?

Here are some pointers:

Create an account by entering your name, email and a password
Search for Rookies
Then request to join
Create a Playlist with your name and upload your video, you can either tag other members or you can keep it private and just select our Team Admins (Coaches)