Rookies and Sprongo the perfect combination

There are only so many days a week that you can spend with our trainers, but now you no longer need to be face to face with us to continue developing your skills.

To maximise your time we have partnered with Sprongo the leader in on-line Video Analysis.

This partnership gives you the ability to send us video of your skiing or riding before the course starts for a pre-course assessment, you can also analyse your own performance against stock footage of drills and ideal performances.

While on course there will be at least 2 face to face Analysis sessions per week where your trainers will use Sprongo to continue Analyising your performance and tracking your changes, you will have access to this footage online so you can continue to Analyse your performance outside of training hours.

The training doesn’t have to stop when the course finishes we want you to keep developing your skills and understanding moving forward, so no matter where you are or we are in the world you can stay connected with our trainers. Send us a video for a quick tune up. or check in to see the latest uploads from our trainers.