4 Day Advanced Snowboard Camps

If you think you’re good now…
we’ll make you better.

4 day training camps for Advanced Snowboarders, learn the What, Why and How of high performance skiing from our World Class team of Coaches.

After 28 years of training instructors we can confidently say we do a damn good job of teaching people how to shred on snow, the keys to this success are developing versatility and having a broad open-minded understanding of riding technique.

A good snowboard instructor can move seamlessly between a variety of snow conditions and terrain without changing equipment and still make it all look effortless and we are pretty sure that most recreational snowboarders would love to be able to do the same!!!

What’s exciting for us is we now get to share this philosophy with you…whether it be groomers, bumps, steeps or powder, the fundamental skills are the same.

Advanced Instructor Training Camps

3-week intensive ski training courses for Qualified Instructors

Refine your skills, challenge your understanding of high-performance skiing and move you closer towards your goals in the ski industry.

More Bang for your Buck

To maximise your time with us we have partnered with Sprongo the leader in on-line Video Analysis.

Submit video for a pre-course assessment

2 video sessions per week analysing your performance and tracking your changes

Get on-going feedback on your boarding after the course has finished


Advanced Snowboard Camp Teaching Principles During Rookie Academy’s Advanced Snowboard camp you will learn the fundamentals of modern riding technique. Understanding how you‘re supposed to snowboard is just as important as being able actually do it.

”If you don’t know what you are meant to do how do you know if you are doing it right!”

This understanding of proper snowboarding technique then allows us to use Video Analysis to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. From here we will customise a snowboard training program for you to develop the specific skills needed to improve your technique.

To sum it up in a nut shell…it’s all about maintaining a functional stance and putting the board in a position that it can do its job.

(Hint: boards are designed to turn you just need to get out of the way and let them do their job)


On that note, the right snowboarding equipment plays an important role in allowing your technique to develop. At the start of the course, we will check to make sure your boots not only are the right size, but are aligned to your legs and the footbed in your boots allows your feet to move naturally. We’ll also check your snowboard is appropriate for your riding ability and is tuned, making every turn on the snow enjoyable from day one.

creating the right environment

While we take what we do seriously at the end of the day it is just snowboarding… and it should be all about having a fun in an awesome environment, and with our help the better you get at it the more fun you have doing it.

Our Trainers are all highly skilled at creating a safe and fun learning environment which will allow you to enjoy every second of your snowboard training.

Like all sports the more you put in the more you will get out, and this absolutely applies to your physical preparedness for intensive snowboard training. We definitely recommend putting in some hours of pre-season training before you arrive so you can get the most of your advanced snowboard training.