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Ski Instructor Jobs… Snowboard Instructor Jobs… Rookie Courses Give You Genuine Job Opportunities

Fuel your addiction – Where do you want to go?

Getting you started on a successful ski or snowboard instructor career is what Rookies is all about! And helping you find a snowboard or ski instructor job when you get you instructing qualification is an important part of the Rookie experience.

If you are serious about a skiing or snowboard career within the Snowsports industry, then Rookies can offer you a serious career advantage – our years of experience, advice, up to date knowledge of the industry and contacts are just the start. We personally work with each interested Rookie through the process towards placing them in an instructor’s job.

Snowsports schools worldwide are looking at recruit Rookie graduates, if you want a ski or snowboard career that can take you to some of the best ski resorts in the world, join us to gain your international ski or snowboard instructor qualification.

Rookie Academy Snowschool Network – The personal touch

In the current economic climate ski and snowboard instructing jobs are hard to find, however due to our reputation of producing highly skilled instructors Rookie Academy is still placing 90% of our clients who want to an instructing job into ski schools in the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe and New Zealand

Handy Hints :

  • Decided you want to start your teaching career straight after your course finishes and in a country where you are not a citizen, you will need a Working Visa for that country. We recommend that you start organising it now, as having your own work permit greatly increases your employment options.
  • Being dual qualified in skiing and snowboarding is a big asset, especially if you’re a snowboarder. ..Most Snowsports schools will employ a snowboarder with a basic ski qualification (or intermediate level of skiing) before someone with just a snowboard qualification.
  • Set up a good resume/C.V with 2 references and photo, this along with the Rookie Academy’s thumps up and we are there. Remember it is always the Snowsports school final decision.
  • Also having a secondary skill i.e. bartending, waiter, massage therapist, personal trainer etc are great for part time work in your first season.

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James says...
"I am now a month into my new career as a snowsports instructor and absolutely loving it!! None of this would have been possible without the [...]"

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