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1- Are the qualifications recognized internationally?

YES, Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance is member of the International Ski Instructors Association, which has 37 member countries.

2- Is one countries qualification considered better than the others?

This is a tricky question as each country considers there qualification to be better than the others, in our opinion all the major ISIA countries offer great products. The things to consider when choosing an organization to get qualified in would be

  • How easy is for me to further my qualifications in that system?
  • How well recognized is the qualification, in the country I want to teach in?

3- How do all these certifications stack up against the each other?

Country Entry Level Work Internationally ISIA Certified
New Zealand Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Britain Level 1 Level 2 ISIA
Canada Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
USA Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

4- Can I cross credit one countries certification into another’s?

YES, but it is likely you will firstly have to sit the equivalent level you already have before you can progress further, for example, A NZSIA Stage 1 instructor will likely have to sit the CSIA Level 2 before being allowed to sit there Level 3 exam.

5- What are my chances of passing?

For MSA program, we guaranteed a 100% pass rate. We will send you to the exam only if you are ready.

6- What are the employments opportunities like for me after the course?

The best candidates will be chosen to work for MSA Telus Wintersports School for a work experience during your program. Also, we hire many rookies the following season, or we can help them in their job research.

8- Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the course?

NO, we do reserve the right not to recommend someone for a position overseas if we feel they will potentially damage a relationship we have with that ski school. This is a rare, though.

9- What’s not included in my course?

  • Flights between London and Quebec City ( approx Can $775)
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Daily lunch (fully equipped kitchen included with accommodations, 3 grocery stores and 11 restaurants within a 2km range, 7 of which are located directly at the resort);
  • Ski or snowboard equipment (only a winter jacket is provided, no other clothing)
  • Additional trips and activities, personal items;

10- How much are flights to Canada?

From the UK it will cost you approx. $775 Can for a return flight to Quebec City.

11- How much will it cost me to live in Mont-Sainte-Anne?

Based on previous seasons we would expect you to need approx Can$150 a week to cover your lunches and some entertainment.

12- Do I need insurance?

Definitely, it is mandatory that everyone participating in our program has full medical and travel insurance, you are, of course, free to use whichever company you choose but we have done some research and believe that either or offer some very competitive products.

13- What is the advantage in getting a qualification in Mont-Sainte-Anne?

  • Best ski destination in Eastern Canada.
  • Quality of the terrain.
  • Best expert terrain in Quebec with constant gradient.
  • Amazing terrain to teach and train all levels of skiers and boarders
  • Best Glade skiing and riding in the Eastern Canada.

14 – The quality of the trainers.

MSA Instructor training course is run by Jf Beaulieu, CSIA level 4 Examiner, CSCF level 3 Coach, CSIA Demonstrator at 2007 Interski Congress in Young Pyong, Korea, member of CSIA steering committee, candidate for 2011 CSIA Interski team in St-Anton, Austria. You will receive the best quality of training available in the industry, we promise. 

15- Do I get my own room?

NO, the sleeping arrangements at Alpine Refuge du Faubourg are shared, you will share a room with someone that is on the same course as you, we do endeavor to put people of similar ages into rooms together.
It is possible to reserve a room to yourself, these are limited and do come at an additional cost.

16- Can my partner come and stay?

YES, however there is added costs involved, (Refuge du Faubourg charges us on a per head basis) if your partner does come over for the duration of the course, we will endeavor to accommodate you in a room with an en-suite.  

17- What do you do on days off?

You have 3 days off a week, they are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. You will probably ski at least 1  of these days and the rest of the time, here is the plan for the level 1 and 2 groups:

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