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The Rookie Academy is a World Class incubator of Ski and Snowboard Instructor Training. Rookie based qualifications and contacts make you industry ready for a career on snow.

  • Specialised training – this is what we do.
    It is not a sideline to the Ski School, or a tourist operation. It is an Academy
    geared to produce career-ready ski and snowboard instructors.
  • Independence from any specific Area or
    School means The Rookie Academy is the only single place to gain BASI,
    CSIA and NZSIA qualifications that prepare you for an international
  • High calibre trainers and programs mean a
    consistently high standard of Rookie Graduates that are recognised the
    world over
  • Access to people and connections will help
    accelerate your ability and build your reputation
  • Southern and Northern Hemisphere Academy
    snow campuses allow us to train in on and off seasons to further
    accelerate your ability.  

We know that you’re even bothering to read this because you want to live the dream of a career, or at least a place, in the snow industry. And we know that if you find yourself a job that you love, you’ll never feel like you’ve worked another day in your life.

The Rookie Academy is about getting you ready to get the most out of your on-snow lifestyle – the most enjoyment, the most opportunities, and the best options for career development. Your commitment to the Rookie Academy is rewarded through your own development and returned by our commitment to do what we can to get you established in an instructing position upon graduating The Academy.

Rookie Stats:

  • 20 years of ski and snowboard training success
  • 1400 Rookies qualified
  • Pass rates in the 90% range
  • 40 – 50 new instructing careers started each season
  • Placements in Europe, North America, Japan and New Zealand

Rookie Trainers:

The ski industry is filled with big names and big personalities, and we’ve got the best in the business coaching at the Rookie Academy.

While you’re in the Academy you can:

  • Ski, board and learn with the experts that literally wrote the book on skiing and snowboarding.
  • Become part of their network, opening doors and creating opportunities for you in ski areas all around the world.
  • Accelerate your personal ski or boarding ability with on snow training, off snow clinics and technical analysis sessions

Rookie Academy coaches are hand picked. We purposefully search for trainers of the highest calibre, who bring broad experience, deep understanding and world-class career building connections to our programs.

Many of our instructors return from their international roles to coach at Rookies year after year. Like the Rookie students these trainers thrive in the atmosphere of The Academy.

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"I am now a month into my new career as a snowsports instructor and absolutely loving it!! None of this would have been possible without the [...]"

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